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In the Winnipeg roofing market, you may find some other companies with prices steeper than your roof.  At Raptor Roofing, we strive to offer the best prices you will find.  By choosing us, you will not be sacrificing quality for savings because we stand by and guarantee our work to hold up to the elements and meet your standards.

We are committed to providing the best customer service experience in the business.  We have friendly, knowledgeable staff who are always available to help or answer questions.  We leave all job sites clean and orderly and above all else, we stand by the quality and workmanship of any job.

We have a long list of customers who would stand by the jobs we have done for them, and we are happy to provide you with references to help make the choice to go with Raptor Roofing  easier.


Raptor Roofing is located right here in Winnipeg.  We specialize in your roofing needs and offer a wide variety of services outlined on our website.  There is a large roofing market here in Winnipeg, with a wide spectrum of companies.  Raptor Roofing is a small business that can offer you all the same amenities as the other guys and do so at a high workmanship level that won't hurt your budget.

We offer quick, hassle free estimates at no cost.  This allows our clients to make an informed decision on their roofing needs at minimal effort.  Just call or email to set up an estimate. If you choose Raptor Roofing for your housing needs you can be comfortable knowing that we have  experienced, professional staff who guarantee their work.


At Raptor Roofing we recognise the importance of your roof as it is your first defence against the elements. Winnipeg's weather can become harsh at a moments notice.  We bring multiple years of experience to the job and take a lot of pride in our quality of workmanship, which is why we offer an industry leading 15 year workmanship warranty.

Our shingles also come with an array of warranties dependent upon your shingle selection for your home.


Raptor Roofing is part of Certainteeds prestigious Master Shingle association, which means all Raptor installers are trained and up to date on the newest and greatest installing techniques. 

Since Raptor Roofing is a Master Shingler we can offer extend shingle warranties up too 50 years No proration. Please contact us for more info!



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