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A preview of what to expect when hiring Raptor Roofing

The roof of your house provides you and your family an important shield against the elements.  In Winnipeg, we experience a lot of weather that can be very damaging to your home's roof and shingles such as high winds and the thawing and re-freezing of water.  It is very important to know the condition of your roof to determine if it is in need of repair to avoid any possible leaks which can cause wet drywall and mouldy attic insulation, heaved flooring  and mildew growth, and many other serious housing problems.

Scroll through our six step process to see how we install a roof, step by step. (Steps will vary slightly to match every contracts specific needs).



After reviewing our detailed quote, we will arrange a time best for us to review and finalise all your options to make your ideal roof come to life. We will bring samples of all our offered products for you to physically look at and examine. All questions and concerns will be addressed by a trained professional.


Picking the colour of your house is a big deal.  Approximately 40% of your homes exterior appearance will change when changing the colour.  If you would like a full shingle sample to help with choosing a colour please reach out to us prior to meet and greet.  We do recommend picking a couple colours, and then viewing homes we have previously installed that colour on for sampling.  Appearance does change drastically once applied on a grand scale.  

Once all decisions are finalised we go ahead and book a time to complete the project when works best for you.  With Raptor Roofing all jobs get completed in order, meaning if weather delays your project you do not get bumped to the back of the list, you will be completed the following day. We do work on a first come first serve basis, so please do not hesitate to contact us, so you can receive the quickest service.

Friendly Handshake


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Day Of Installation

We arrive at 730-8am to begin work: We start with one of most important steps, prep and protect. We go around your property moving and protecting all of our surroundings. We tarp, cover and surround all fragile objects.  After we leave we wanna insure it looks like we never there.

We do our best to insure all products are delivered the same day as installation.  Time and time again we see other companies leaving products for weeks, not only is it unpleasant to look at but can be a nuisance to get around but also a safety hazard.


You can expect Raptor Roofing to do the best job and get in and out of a job in no more then a day. (Unless told otherwise at time of quote).


Removal and Examination

Now that everything is covered and protected.  We install our safety equipment(harnesses, caution tape and tie-downs/roof anchors) and advise you of safety procedures for the day for coming and going.

We start removal of existing products and throw them into our onsite dump trailer. All debris is swept from the roof until deck is spotless. Nails are removed from the roof deck and not nailed back in, old nails can push their way back threw the sheeting and leave bumps under your new roof.


At this point we go ahead and clean all your eaves of debris. 


After everything is removed we inspect the roof carefully looking for any spots of concern, be it rot from water penetration or animal infestation.  All issues are photo documented and you are contacted immediately to discuss further options to remedy the issue at hand.



Ice and Water.jpg
Swift Start.jpg

Installation of New Products

After roof has been fully inspected and cleaned we go ahead and start installation: 

1) Drip Edge: The first defence begins at the edge of the roof with a proper metal drip edge.  We only use industrial grade, fully painted, continuous 10ft pieces. They are used to help prevent water from dripping behind your eaves, to reinforce and give strength to the often aged plywood decking, and to stop shingles from drooping with age into the eaves.

2) Ice and Water Shield- This adhesive membrane is applied to the decking surface at all eaves and valleys.  It is a fully pre-adhered smooth surface roofing underlayment that provides best in class roof leak protection against wind driven rain and ice damning.  When nailed into it creates a gasket effect around the nails.  There are many ice and water shields on the market that are sub-par and cost effective, but we choose to only use the best products available.

3) Synthetic Underlayment- Synthetic underlayment is a woven tarp-like material that is a second back up to your shingles.  After the ice and water shield is applied where needed, we continue to fully wrap the roof on your home before we begin to put shingles on.  Yes, your home is water proof without this product, however, it nice to have peace of mind knowing there’s a second defense underneath.  Many years ago tar paper was the industries main choice as a second defence for your roof, now synthetic underlay is the proven winner. 

4) Swift Start Shingle- Applied to all leading edges of a roof, SwiftStart combines durability and flexibility for better resistance to blow offs. Some companies still practice rotating a normal shingle to use as a leading edge, this method is just seen as a cheap option as they do not offer any adhesive tar along the windward edge.  SwiftStart does have a highly adhesive strip along the edge to hold the shingle down.

5) Shingle Installation- All shingles are installed too accordance with Master Shingler Association standards. Landmark shingles take roofing to a higher level.  They are extremely durable.  They offer beautiful color-blended lines of shingles with the wide array of colors to suit any trim, stucco or siding color.  They are manufactured with precisely positioned self-sealing adhesive strips. They also have a highly proven track record as they are rated a “Best Buy” by a leading consumer magazine.

6) Landmark ShadowRidge or Mountain Ridge- ShadowRidge Hip and ridge accessory shingles are designed specifically for use with Landmark Shingles and are placed on all hips to seal up where normal shingles cannot.  Optional upgrade is offered through the use of Landmarks "Mountain Ridge".  It is a large price increase to upgrade, but it does definitely set you apart from your neighbours with a large slate like look. (Look above for an example of both side by side). When Landmark SwiftStart is used with Landmark ShadowRidge or Mountain Ridge on your roof,  the wind warranty is raised up from 110mph to 130mph.



Final Steps

1) Ventilation- There are Three main different types of ventilation.  First being the industry standard, Duraflo  6050 vent.  These have been around for decades and have proven themselves to be a reliable venting option in the market place. New to market and the main choice of Raptor Roofing is the Duraflo Weather Pro 6050. This vent provides a higher level of defence from critters and from blowing snow from entering; with its tight too the roof design.  Third being OmniRoll ridge venting. This vent is cut along the top peak of your roof and allows for even airflow all throughout your attic space.  It comes highly recommend for long roof lines so that moisture soaked air and hot air have an easier time finding a hole and escaping through it. Proper ventilation is something that should not be over looked because damage to your home and voiding of warranty can take place if it is not properly addressed.

2) )   Unique vents- All forms of vents, be it bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans will be replaced with a premium high goose-neck. All plumbing stack exhaust vents are updated to new Duraflo tall thermoplastic gaskets,

3) Final Final Steps- Once the roof is complete, all exposed nails are tared with a premium silicone based sealant that wont crack over time. A full blow off is completed with a gas powered leaf blower on the roof.(no brooms are used as it could affect the shingles on a warm day. Owner "Matt H" will inspect roof and make sure everything is too the highest standard and give it the Raptor seal of approval. A full gutter cleaning and magnetic sweep around the entire perimeter of the roof line is completed to ensure the property is spotless.  


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Insuring You Are Fully Satisfied

Once 100% completed we like to go over the whole project and make sure your a 110% happy with how everything went.  If any concerns arise we will be more then happy to address them on the spot :)

Most of our work comes from referrals so we thrive only by making sure our customers are satisfied.

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