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Leaks can be caused many different factors, but here are some of the key things to look out for when trying to decide if it's time to replace your roof.

1) Dark Patches on Roof- These patches on your roof are a sign that the granules on your shingles are wearing away, and the asphalt the shingle is made of is showing through.  The protective integrity of the shingles are greatly diminished when this occurs.  Once this occurs shingles will start to crack and pitting will occur, allowing water to penetrate.


2)   Curling/Clawing- Over time due to weathering and shingles losing their moisture content, shingles may curl either upwards or claw downwards.  In both instances they allow for wind to take hold of the shingle as well as let wind driven rain and snow to access your home.


3)   Broken/Missing Shingles- This mainly occurs when high winds catch curled shingles, and then water and moisture have direct access to the sheeting of your home! 


4) Vents, Chimneys, and Flashing-  Small cracks in these locations can occur due to weathering and joint movement from expansion and contraction. Metal material such as flashing can rust out over long periods of time and need replacement. Seals around chimney collars can break free from the base pan and need replacement.  Animals trying to access your attic are also known to do damage to vents and shingles. So it is a good idea to keep a close eye on the smallest of cracks because they can cause serious issues for your home.

If you see any, or many of these signs please give Raptor Roofing a call for an estimate!  After all our estimates are free...  Much unlike the potential problems a leak may cause!

All your questions and concerns will be broken down in a detailed quote. We will leave the quote with you as well as a product brochure, and  warranty graph detailing different warranty options we offer. 

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